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Boring Stuff Made Amazing

How We Do It

We're obsessed with boring stuff because we know we're working with the core of the RV and the products that form the core of a great RV experience. That's exciting, especially when we can find products from other industries and offer them exclusively to our manufacturing customers. Rubber roofs, TPO flooring and TV mounts may sound boring, but their performance can have a tremendous impact on RV enjoyment.

Whatever the product, our first and foremost focus is on the user, both the manufacturer who installs our product and the RV buyer who benefits from it. We offer our expertise to the manufacturer's designers, engineers and installers through frequent visits, training and troubleshooting. We develop best installation practices and other ways to fully take advantage of what the product offers. We focus intently on such support, of course, because our ultimate focus is the RV user and the positive experience our work creates for him or her.

Part of that positive experience, we believe, involves simplicity. For the manufacturer, that might mean roofing systems designed for quick and easy installation. For the RVer that could be a simple, retractable, but lighted footboard for stepping up into a trailer, or a wheel liner that can be installed quickly with minimum tools.

Our commitment to innovation in finding and developing new solutions for the needs and desires of our manufacturing partners is a big factor in keeping us constantly on the lookout for products from other industries that could serve our partners well. This is a process that never stops for us, and often leads to a "Eureka!" moment that is anything but boring when we know we've found something special for the industry.

Finally, it's all about confidence. We want to be the manufacturer's "go-to" partner for finding the best solutions, and providing products that have been tested and proven to be dependable and outstanding choices. As a major supplier for more than 20 years, our expertise and products have earned the confidence of manufacturers and RVers alike.