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Single Motorized Low-Profile Power Step


To purchase please contact your local RV Dealer.

Designed for smaller, low-to-the-ground motor homes, the Dicor Single Motorized Slider Step facilitates easy RV entry and exit. The step slides straight out from its tough steel casing that hides under the RV. When retracted, the trim-profile step is virtually invisible. So there’s no bulky box to spoil the motor home lines and aerodynamics.


Many features make the Single Motorized Slider Step a welcome addition to any smaller, low-clearance motor home.

  • Step opens automatically as the door opens and retracts when the engine is turned on.
  • Emergency manual retract feature closes the door if power fails.
  • Manual release feature activates for emergencies.
  • Stay-open mode can be activated for campsite convenience.
  • Optional LED light strip is embedded in the rubber safety grip for easy location of the step in the dark.
  • Gear motor on ball bearings provides smooth, reliable operation.
  • Sensor activates an open-step warning light.
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The slim profile of the Single Motorized Slider Step simplifies design integration and provides an easy fit. All necessary wiring is included, and bolt holes in the side flanges make bolt-on installation fast and easy.

Dicor Products will visit your facility every two weeks to perform cycle counts for all your Dicor products to help ensure you production line never stops for lack of inventory. Also, our engineers are available to help troubleshoot, design or redesign a part to fit your specific installation situation.

Technical Data
Operating Temperature Range 14° - 104°F (-10°C - 40°C)
Storage Termperature Range 14° - 122°F (-10°C - 122°C)
Altitude Limit 9,800 ft (3,000 Meters)
Storage Humidity 80% @ 68°F (80% @ 20°C)
Operating Humidity Range 90%
Circuit 15A


Should it become necessary to manually extend or retract the step, use a 17mm wrench on the bolt located at the bottom rear of the step housing.

Click here for the downloadable warranty for the Project 2000 low profile power step.


Material: Step: Anodized alumium

                Box: Galvanized steel

Weight: 30lbs.

Power: 12 Volt