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Up-Down Wall Table


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The dual height wall-mounted, Up-Down table system converts from standard dinette height to sleep position in one easy motion – and in seconds. An easy-to-handle bracket system moves the tabletop 12-inches from dinette to sleeping positions. So RVers never need to lift the full weight of the table when changing heights. Plus, steel and aluminum construction ensures durability, safety and reduced weight.


The Up-Down table bracket works with the Universal Wall Mount and the manufacturer’s choice of table legs to create a complete system. Highly engineered and user friendly, Dicor table systems help turn the mundane, “same old” dinette table into something special with additional consumer appeal.

In the up position, the table locks securely to the Universal Wall Mount, assuring the dinette will withstand the rigors of travel and day-to-day camping. Also, the wall mount allows the table to move 4-inches to either side, providing flexible seating space and easier dinette entry and exit. In the down position, the table is ready to absorb the weight of mattress, bedding and RVer for each night’s sleep.

(above) Table in up position for dinette usage.

(above) Table dropped to lower position for sleeping.

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Up-Down Wall Table system hardware meets the needs of different floorplan concepts and design styles. The manufacturer simply needs to add a tabletop that matches each RV’s overall design scheme. Dicor engineers will provide design assistance to make sure tables operate properly and to help RV manufacturers achieve their floorplan goals.