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Air-Gard® Solid Valve Extenders - AG

Air-Gard™ Solid Extenders are angled either 45 degrees or 125 degrees to allow easier access to front and rear tire valve stems. Made of nickel plated brass, the valve extenders are designed for use with most stainless steel wheel simulators. Thanks to its universal application, the solid extenders fit most front wheels.


Air-Gard™ Solid Valve Extenders make hard to reach valves accessible and are designed for use on plain wheels as welll as most stainless steel similators.

These durable Nickle Plated Brass Extenders make checking and inflating your dual tires easy.

Available in 45 degree (Front) and 125 degree (Rear Outer Dual) angles.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceUnitQuantity

Parts List

Set Number Part Number Part Description
AG-534 AG-534-1 5-3/4˝ Stainless Steel Braided Valve Extender
  STA-1S Small Valve Stem Bracket
  STA-2L Large Valve Stem Bracket
AG-45 AG-45-1 45º Tire valve Extender (Ea)
AG-125 AG-125-1 125° Tire Valve Extender (Ea)