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Helpful Hints: How can you tell if petroleum distillates have been used to clean an RV roof?

If you're buying a used RV this may be an important question. Click for more

Rudy's Facts: New roofing materials are being used on RVs.

For a couple of decades EPDM (rubber) roofing has been the standard of the RV industry for roofing purposes. Click for more


Be sure to clean your RV roof with a cleaner
that won't damage your roofing

Cleaning your RV's rubber (EPDM) roof will extend its life expectancy and make
your RV look good. Cleaning is relatively easy if you conscientiously do so 3 or 4
times a year so that dirt and stains don't build up. Also, be careful about where
you park your RV as some trees drop materials that can be oily, sticky or have a
high chance of staining the roofing.

Rudy's Caution: Most important is to use the right cleaner. Some household
cleaners and even products sold for RV maintenance contain petroleum distillates
or citric ingredients. These chemicals will damage your roof membrane and shorten
its life. Whether you choose Dicor's Rubber Roof Cleaner or another brand, be sure
the products you use do not contain these harmful chemicals

We also recommend applying Dicor Roof-Gard after cleaning your roof to help preserve your roof's condition even longer.

Rubber Roof Cleaner

Formulated specifically for RV rubber roofing, this deep-cleaning, biodegradable formula lifts stubborn dirt while being gentle on the roofing membrane.

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Roof-Gard Rubber Roof Protectant

Help prevent fading, oxidization and cracking of your EPDM roofing. Simply spread Roof-Gard with a damp cloth after properly cleaning your rubber roof.

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