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Air-Gard Non-Braided Valve Extenders - RG

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Air-Gard RG valve extenders have internally reinforced nylon hose that is far superior to rubber in its resistance to heat and chemicals. It has a working temperature in excess of 200° F (93 C°) and a minimum burst pressure of 1,750 psi (12 MPa). The nylon hose is durable, long lasting and will not shrink. They come in sets of two.


Air-Gard products including RG valve extenders use materials that are long-lasting and easy to use, making hard-to-reach inner dual valve stems easy to access for proper inflation.

 The hoses feature a solid piece tip with a long collar and clean, uniform crimping, which means no air leaks from swiveling ends, or o-rings which can compress and deteriorate over time.

Unlike competitive products, which may appear the same, Air-Gard hoses won’t kink when bent, a major cause of weakness in competitive rubber hoses. Designed for exact fits, Air-Gard hoses are simple to install, with no need for adjustments, special tools, drilling or special nuts and bolts.

Part NumberDescriptionPriceUnitQuantity
Part Number Description
RG-534-1FC Air-Gard™ 2 Hose Set with Stabilizer Brackets for 1992 to current Ford-350 16", 8 Hand Hole Wheel. Pair
RG-534-2FC Air-Gard™ 2 Hose Set with Stabilizer Brackets.  Fits all but 1992 to Current Ford E-350 Chassis. Pair


  1. Place valve extender through hand hole and thread onto inner wheel valve stem as shown.
  2. Place center hole of stablilizer onto valve extender. Be sure flat side of stabilizer is facing outward (see diagram).
  3. slide one edge of stabilizer onto hand hole on wheel. NOTE: Stabilizer attaches to hand hole of wheel, not to the stabilizer.
  4. Push stabilizer toward inside of wheel until other side can be secured on hand hole. NOTE: Pliers may be needed to complete this step.