ELKHART, Ind. — Dicor Products’ DiFlex II™ Polar White TPO roofing membrane has met the initial reflectivity requirement of the EPA’s Energy Star program for cool roofs.

A low slope roof must have an Initial Solar Reflectance greater than or equal to .65 in order to be eligible for the EPA’s Energy Star program. DiFlex II’s Polar White Initial Solar Reflectance was .85 putting it well ahead of the requirement and reinforces the fact that it is a cool roof.

“The Energy Star Program promotes energy-efficient products in order to reduce energy consumption, improve energy security, and reduce pollution. These are products that meet the highest energy efficiency standards,” said Jeff Gaff, general manager of Dicor Products. “We are proud that our hard work to provide the industry with cool roofing solutions is paying off,” said Gaff.

“By meeting the Energy Star requirement, RVers know they are getting the best technology in terms of keeping their units cool and helping to lower energy costs,” added Tom Grubaugh, national director of OEM sales. “Keeping an RV cooler helps the air conditioner runs less and that saves energy, money and preserves the environment.”

For more information about DiFlex II Polar White TPO roofing, visit dicorproducts.com.

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