ELKHART, Ind. — Dicor Corporation has announced that it will continue to build on what has become a popular series of RV “ instructional” videos focused on various aspects of RV care and improvement. Upcoming videos are expected to spotlight such topics as coating systems for rubber, fiberglass and metal roofs; how to properly seal the installation of a new skylight as well as a roof vent, plumbing vent, refrigerator vent or TV antenna; how to properly seal trim strips; and how to measure for new shades and blinds.

“We just believe that getting more information out to the RV consumer is helpful in improving their RV experience,” said Dave Majewski, vice president of aftermarket sales. “And improving the RV experience is what we all should be doing as an industry.”

The current video series introduced by Dicor’s Rudy character has gone over well because it presents “the kind of clear and easy-to-digest information about maintaining and improving RVs that a lot of people are looking for,” said Majewski.

Dicor is the leading supplier of roofing material for the industry and best known in the aftermarket for its high-quality lap sealants and stainless steel wheel covers and simulators. In recent years it has stepped up the pace of innovative offerings to RV manufacturers and expanded its presence in the RV aftermarket through new products and its series of roof care videos. Dicor is also one of the leading sponsors of the upcoming RVB Power Breakfast

“These videos help give the RV consumer a direct connection to the OEM level of expertise available in the industry, which RVers really appreciate,” said Majewski. “RV manufacturers and suppliers know the ‘best practices’ for doing these things, so why shouldn’t we share them? Among other things, it really strengthens our bond with the RV consumer.”

“You build connections by being helpful, and that’s what Dicor does — help our customers with what they need, whether they are manufacturers or consumers.”

To view the most recent videos, go to the Dicor Products website at http://www.dicorproducts.com/resources/care.