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At Dicor Products, we’re here to take care of RVers who use our products, especially when it comes to EPDM or TPO roofing, but also other products. Our call center fields inquiries from many RVers, and the answers to many of their questions can be found on the FAQ page of the website. Here are five of the questions that we receive the most calls about.

1. My roof has small air bubbles. Is this a problem?

No. Small air bubbles may occur very soon after roofing material has been applied if they have not been smoothed out during application. They may make your roof look a bit bumpy, but they are not an indication of damage or a function of the material not being stretched tight enough. Indeed, we ask the installer not to overstretch the roofing material in order to allow room for expansion and contraction of the membrane.

Small air bubbles may occur with weather conditions and humidity. Air bubbles can also occur at the seams of the roof decking due to slight variations in the thickness of the decking material. Flexing and twisting that occurs during transit can also be a contributing factor. Sometimes they occur if there is a significant difference between the inside and outside temperature of the RV. So they are actually a sign that your roof has plenty of room for expansion and contraction, lessening the chance of stress cracks later.

Rest assured that the air bubbles will not blow up and pop or hinder the performance of your roof, but will come and go with the humidity, weather and other conditions. By no means should you puncture the bubbles.

2. Is it easy to repair tears in the roof membrane?

Yes. Any tear in a EPDM or TPO membrane can be repaired using a number of repair methods, including several prepackaged peel and stick repair kits that have been mentioned in earlier bulletins.

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3. Are there other cautions concerning my roof membrane?

Always use caution when working on a roof, especially if you are using cleaners that may make the roof slippery.

Do not use cleaners or conditioners containing petroleum distillates, harsh abrasives, or citric-based cleaners.

Beware of areas where fruit, tree sap or harsh environmental fall-out may result in unremoveable stains. You may have to increase the frequency of your cleaning or premature deterioration may occur.

4. Is my roof warranty transferable?

No. Because the warranty is contingent on the roof being properly maintained, once the unit has changed hands several times, care and maintenance cannot be confirmed. Our basic industry warranty applies to the first owner only.

5. Can I purchase parts and products directly from Dicor?

As with other RV suppliers, our aftermarket products and parts are sold through distribution to RV dealers. The one exception is wheel cover and simulator parts, but not complete sets of covers or simulators. You can, however, use Dicor's wheel parts finder guide to obtain the correct part numbers for your unit for wherever you may purchase your parts and sets from.

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