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First, let me say, Happy New Year and I hope you had a great Holiday Season. Now as we start looking towards the spring it's time for the first of this year's roof care messages, which is the first of three articles about cleaning your RV roof.

First, inspect to prevent
We urge RV owners to get their roofs cleaned at least twice a year to help prevent damaging substances from getting too embedded and creating permanent stains. This also helps avoid mold and mildew that grow on organic matter attached to your roof. Since many people park their RVs under trees for extended periods of time, your roof can be a ripe target for bird droppings, mulberry stains, tree sap, mold, mildew, fungus and the like.
Tackling tough stains - be careful with cleaning agents
Specialized roof cleaners can do a good job of cleaning tough stuff like mold and mulberries, but these substances can still leave a stain on the roofing material. Bleach or a bleach-based cleaner like Tilex® can remove these stains, but you will have the issue of the rinse-off possibly streaking sidewalls or embedding in your graphics and damaging them. Furthermore, the overuse of such cleaners can damage the rubber. So use only what's needed to get the stain out.

A diluted solution of three percent Hydrogen Peroxide is another strong cleaning agent, but more concentrated amounts also risk damaging a rubber roof. This cleaning method also runs the risk of damaging graphics. You can't be too careful using such specialized cleaners.
Tree sap a special pain
Tree sap can be another difficult substance to completely get off your roof. The first thing to try is putting ice on it so the sap gets cold and loosens its bond with the roof enough to enable you to actually peel it off.

If you have little success with this tactic, try mineral spirits, but with a BIG CAUTION: Do NOT use mineral spirits unless you carefully follow these directions. Mineral spirits is a petroleum distillate, and a rubber roof can react with swelling, deterioration and discoloring.

DIRECTIONS: NEVER pour the mineral spirits DIRECTLY ONTO THE ROOF! Always pour a SMALL amount on a soft cloth (less is best) and then use the cloth to scrub out the stain, using only as much as needed and wiping it up with another cloth when the stain is gone.

In our next report we'll talk more about the effective use of cleaners.

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