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PROTECT YOUR ROOF WITH A UV INHIBITORFirst of two articles about basic roof protection.

Spring is arriving, and if you're one of those RVers getting your unit out of storage, now would be a good time to inspect your roof, give it a good cleaning and consider how you can best protect it for your upcoming travels.

Because it's out of sight, many RVers don't think much about their roofs. But your RV roof is your shield. It protects you and your RV's contents and structure. As a traveling roof, it can be exposed to extreme variations of climate, from snow and ice to broiling sun and soaking rain, from arid deserts to humid swamps. More extremes than most houses would see.

If you do spend a lot of time in the sun, the steady beat of UV rays on your roof is one thing to look out for. This steady exposure can cause oxidation to occur, and the chalk-like powder that's the result of this oxidation is the equivalent of a sunburn that turns your skin brown to protect it from the sun's rays.

If you feel the need to add extra UV protection, you need a protectant with a UV inhibitor like Dicor's Roof-Gard™. A coating like this is also a great dirt inhibitor, as its chemical formulation makes it harder for dirt and other stuff to stick to your roof. Prior to application, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your roof.* See our roof cleaning video here. Then, with your RV out of direct sunlight, simply spray on Roof-Gard and use a soft cloth or sponge mop to evenly spread it around. Bingo, you're done!

To maintain maximum results, we suggest reapplying Roof-Gard every three to five weeks, or four times a year. If you have a regular cleaning schedule, apply it each time you clean the roof.

* Note: as with any rubber roof cleaning, be sure and avoid cleaners with petroleum distillates and citric-based chemicals as noted in our previous emails about roof cleaning. These substances can damage your roof and void your roof warranty.

Next: Preventing roof damage begins with awareness.

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