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When looking for a place to park for a while, a nice, big shade tree or a row of majestic pines might look like a comfortable and scenic spot, not to mention a natural shelter from the sun and rain. The problem is, a nice shady spot also becomes a good place to get deposited on — by birds, mulberries, pine sap, and maybe even a branch or two. It’s a good place for dirt to collect, and trees are a handy way for critters that like to crawl and claw to get on your roof.

So an important aspect of roof preservation is simple awareness. First, watch out for low-hanging branches as you’re driving around! In a crowded campground, especially, they might be hard to avoid in spots. If you do end up in a shady spot, size up the tree you are parking under. What kind of tree is it? As we said, pines can be sap meisters. Is there plenty of clearance under the lower branches? Are there a number of dead branches of any size that could drop and fall, as well as any fruit or other substances that could make their mark? Is it part of a dense stretch of foliage that a number of small animals could easily inhabit, or is it set off a bit from other trees?

And, if you’re basically looking for shade to turn down the temperature a bit, you might consider a product like Dicor’s new CoolCoat™ roof coating, that can reduce heat transfer from your roof to your interior by as much as 29 percent! There are also other roof coatings that can add an extra layer of protection against various elements — watch for upcoming emails for more information about these kinds of products.

Lastly, if you’re parked in some potentially damaging spots for a roof, stay on top of it! Make frequent roof inspections and tackle any problems before time and weather make them worse. Remember, protection of your RV and all its contents starts with your roof!

Next: We start a three-part series on renewing your roof.

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