30 Amp RV Surge Protector Plug

Protect your RV investment from dangerous voltage levels and power surges with RV Surge Protectors by Dicor Power.

The 30 Amp RV Surge Protector is rated for up to 1,050 joules of surge suppression. Visible diagnostic lights detect wiring faults such as, line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground prior to hooking up an RV.

An auto shut off/on feature protects RVs from dangerous spikes/drops in voltage. If a spike or drop in voltage is detected, Dicor’s Surge Protector will disconnect from the circuit and restore power once voltage stabilizes.

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To purchase please contact your
Local RV Dealer.

Click here for downloadable warranty for DP-SP30A

Dicor’s 30 AMP Surge Protector Plug:

    • 3-Mode Surge Protection
    • Easily Visible Diagnostic Lights
    • Incorrect Wiring Indicators
    • Auto Shut Off/On
    • Weather Resistant Case
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Click HERE for DP-SP30A Instruction Manual