Air-Gard® Live Stem Valve Extenders – LS

Designed for the inner wheel in dual wheel applications, AIr-Gard™ Live Stem technology provides extra protection against tire deflation should the valve extender be damaged. The exclusive Live Stem inner core technology utilizes a floating valve system which activates only when air is added or removed from the tire. The Live Stem pushes against the tire’s valve stem allowing the tire to inflate or deflate.

LS-534N-1      5 ¾” Live Stem

LS-734N-1      7 ¾” Live Stem

LS-850N-1      8 ½” Live Stem


Air-Gard™ Inner Dual Wheel Valve Extenders feature exclusive inner core technology that provides increased protection against tire deflation.  The pressure remains in the tire should the valve extender incur damage.

A long-lasting hydraulic hose combines with heat-treated stainless braid that will not kink to ensure extra protection. And unlike competitive products, installation requires no special adjustment. So it instantly delivers peace of mind.  Available in 5-3/4″ and 7-3/4″ sizes.

  • LS-534N     See Applications tab for specific vehicle applications and to purchase parts.
  • LS-734N     See Applications tab for specific vehicle applications and to purchase parts.
  • LS-95          Rear Outer Dual Valve Extender

Parts List

Part Number Vehicle Description
LS-534N-12FC 1992 to Current Ford E350- 16″ – 8 Hand Hole and all
16″, 16.5″, 16.5″ and most 22.5″ EXCEPT 1992 to current Ford E-350 wheel and accuride 22.5″ Wheel No. 29028
5-3/4″ LIve Stem Stainless Steel Braided Valve Extenders with Small and Large Stabilizer Brackets.
LS-734N-2FC For Accuride 19.5″ Wheel #28680 & #28869 Ford 19.5″ Wheel #29186 & #29236 7-3/4˝ Live Stem Stainless Steel Braided Valve Extenders with Large Stabilizer Brackets.
LS-95 95º Rear Outer Dual Valve Extender.


  1. Place valve extender through hand hole and thread onto inner wheel valve stem as shown.
  2. Place center hole of stablilizer onto valve extender. Be sure flat side of stabilizer is facing outward (see diagram).
  3. Slide one edge of stabilizer onto hand hole on wheel. NOTE: Stabilizer attaches to hand hole of wheel, not to the stabilizer.
  4. Push stabilizer toward inside of wheel until other side can be secured on hand hole. NOTE: Pliers may be needed to complete this step.