Air-Gard® VHS Series

Presenting the only four-hose air system designed exclusively for Dicor’s Versa Liner™ wheel simulators. The Versa Liner™ Hose System (Air-Gard™ VHS Series) allows easy access to both inner and outer dual wheels for inflating tires or checking pressure. Flexible braided stainless steel wraps around a hydraulic hose, preventing it from kinking or forming weak spots as a rubber hose would. VHS Series hoses mount easily to your valve stems, using the included stainless steel mounting brackets. No drilling, pop-rivets or special tools are required. Air-Gard™ VHS Series fits every time with no adjustments necessary.


Several features make Air-Gard™ VHS Series dependable, long-lasting and easy to use:

  • A solid tip with a long collar and clean, uniform crimping means no air leaks from swiveling ends, or o-rings which can compress and deteriorate over time. Unlike many competitive products, Air-Gard hoses won’t kink when bent, a major cause of weakness in competitive rubber hoses.
  • With the capability of withstanding heat up to 500º F, the hydraulic hose handles heat well. Its burst pressure of more than 13,000 psi represents superior strength. Plus, even at 16 times stronger than competitive NBR rubber hoses, the hydraulic hose bends easily yet won’t kink like rubber hoses.
  • The braided stainless steel covering increases the hose resistance to heat and chemicals which are common to large vehicle applications. The covering is flexible, non-kinking and heat-treated for added durability.
Air Gard Tire Inflation Accessories
Part Number Vehicle Description
VHS-N3GC Large-hole brackets for:  16″, 16.5″ GM and 8-lug 19.5″ Chevy.  Fits Versa Liner™ sets:  V160GM, V165GM

Small-hole brackets for most:  16″, 19.5″ and 22.5″ jam nut wheel systems except the Versa Liner™ sets listed above.

Four Hose Set protected by heat treated stainless steel braid for easy access for inflating and monitoring dual wheels.  Includes both large-hole and small-hole brackets.

Mounts easily to valve stems and simulators.


Periodically check bracket and hose connections to be sure they are secure and to avoid leaks.

  1. Attach hoses to mounting brackets and tighten securely with 1/2” wrench.
  2. Remove valve stem caps and install hoses tightly. Attach straight hose to inner dual, and angled hose to outer dual wheel. Check connection for leaks. You may want to test with a soapy water solution.
  3. Install stud extender (from Versa Liner™ mounting hardware) on wheel stud closest to the hand hole where the inner valve is located. Install remaining stud extender on opposing stud. Note: If your Versa Liner™ uses jam nuts only, proceed to next step.
  4. Feed loose ends of Air-Gard™ (with installed brackets) through proper hand holes in the Versa Liner™ and position Versa Liner™ on appropriate wheel studs, or previously installed stud extenders.
  5. Align Air-Gard™ bracket over the stud extender (or wheel stud) bending the hose to place the least amount of stress. Install jam nuts and tighten securely. (Note: keep top bracket turned away from hub cover to allow easier access to the end of the valve extender)
  6. Install lug nut covers. Repeat steps on other side of vehicle.

Cautions: Hand hole edges of Versa Liner™ are very sharp, use caution to avoid cuts. A leak may cause tire deflation. If leaking persists, remove system and contact Dicor (574-264-2699).