CoolCoat™ Part 2 for EPDM/PVC Roofing

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Dicor’s CoolCoat™ is a specifically formulated 100% Acrylic Elastomer coating system formulated with MicroCell components, which reduce Thermal Transmission, keeping the interior of your RV cooler. The coating reflects and dissipates heat by minimizing the path for the transfer of heat to the interior of the coach. The industry’s first insulating roof coating, lab proven to reduce heat flux transfer from the roof of your RV to the interior of your RV by 29%. Lab results confirmed that with CoolCoat™, the interior ceiling remained at 76° F when the RV roof was a scorching 107°.


Superior weatherability, ultraviolet resistance, fire retardancy, elongation, flexibility, adhesion and ease of application make Dicor’s CoolCoat an excellence protective elastomeric barrier to enhance the aesthetics and renew the surface of your existing RV roof.


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Part Number Color Size
RP-IRC-1 White 1 Gallon
RP-IRCT-1 Tan 1 Gallon


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For use on:

EPDM rubber & PVC roofing: Dicor’s Part 1 Cleaner/Activator Primer (RP-CRP-Q) is required prior to coating.


Thoroughly mix the contents for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to application. Use plastic sheeting to protect sidewalls and end caps of units. Be sure plastic runs to the ground/floor. EPDM and PVC roof surface must be cleaned/primed with Dicor’s Part 1 Cleaner/Activator (RP-CRP-Q) and free of residue or loose particles. Surface shall be completely dry and frost free before coating. Deteriorated or damaged substrates shall be repaired or replaced.

Weather Precautions:

Dicor Acrylic Coating requires complete evaporation of water to cure. Cool temperatures and high humidity may slow down the curing process. Do not apply if weather conditions will not permit complete cure before rain, dew or freezing temperatures occur. Dicor Acrylic Coating will freeze and become unstable at temperatures below 32° F within a 24 hour period after application.


Be sure the Part 1 Cleaner/Activator Priming process is complete prior to applying acrylic coating. Coating may be applied by medium nap roller or brush. Dicor Acrylic Coating shall be applied in a minimum of 2 coats at a rate of 1 gallon/125 sq. ft. per coat (i.e. 8’ X 30’ roof takes 4 gallons). Actual gallons required will depend on the type of surface, texture, method of application and weather conditions at the time of application. All surfaces must be uniformly coated and free from voids, pinholes, or blisters.

Entire coating process MUST be completed in one day, including Part 1 Cleaner/Activator and two coats of Acrylic Coating, each dry to the touch before proceeding.

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Click here for downloadable MSDS sheet for CoolCoat™.