Crossflex Roofing

The Crossflex™ Roofing System is the RV industry’s first synthetic thermoplastic membrane brought to you by the RV Roofing Experts at Dicor Products.

  • Made with internal polyester cross-webbing that provide a 3X increase in puncture resistance than competitive membranes
  • 25x more tear resistant than other membranes in the market
  • Crossflex can absorb impacts and puncture hazards without failure to the roof
  • The thin, lightweight and flexible properties make for an easy install
  • Not affected by ponding water
  • Sun, weather & chemical resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • 12 year warranty


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Crossflex Roofing

Color White


Part Numbers

Length 8’6″ 9′ 9’6″
21′ CF85W-21 CF90W-21 CF95W-21
25′ CF85W-25 CF90W-25 CF95W-25
30′ CF85W-30 CF90W-30 CF95W-30
35′ CF85W-35 CF90W-35 CF95W-35
40′ CF85W-40 CF90W-40 CF95W-40
45′ CF85W-45 CF90W-45 CF95W-45

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