DiFlex II™ TPO Roofing

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Diflex II™ is a non-fleece backed TPO membrane from Dicor the RV Roofing Experts. Unlike standard TPO, Diflex II™ is extremely flexible and is as supple as most EPDM. It easily conforms to most RV roofing surfaces for a snug, tight fit. Diflex II™ is embossed with a light pebble pattern to dull harsh reflections and provide a classic look.

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Diflex II™ is available in Polar White, Dove (Bright White), Grey, Tan and Ivory and is compatible with all existing Dicor aftermarket cleaners, protectants, sealants and bonding adhesives. It is easily repaired – requiring no special sealants or adhesives! Grey, Dove (Bright White), Tan and Ivory Diflex II™ can be installed with Dicor’s matching Lap Sealants for a fully coordinated, consistent appearance.


DiFlex II Non-Fleece Backed TPO Roofing System: All the Advantages of EPDM

• DiFlex II contains no plasticizers to migrate.

• DiFlex II remains flexible throughout its lifetime.

• DiFlex II is UV resistant throughout its lifetime.

• DiFlex II remains flexible to resist hail damage throughout its lifetime.

• DiFlex II is even flexible in cold weather and less prone to cracking.

• DiFlex II is easily repairable throughout its lifetime.

• DiFlex II is not effected by ponding water.

• DiFlex II is not effected by environmental contaminants.


Our Installation Component Kit  makes it easy for RVers and service centers to do their own repairs. The kit contains everything necessary for an average RV roof installation — except for the roof membrane which is sold separately.

Dicor DiFlex II Roofing System


Polar White 


(Bright White)





DFII85W-21 DFII85D-21 DFII85T-21 DFII85G-21 DFII85V-21 21´ x 8´6˝ 
DFII85W-25 DFII85D-25 DFII85T-25 DFII85G-25 DFII85V-25 25´ x 8´6˝ 
DFII85W-30 DFII85D-30 DFII85T-30 DFII85G-30 DFII85V-30 30´ x 8´6˝ 
DFII85W-35 DFII85D-35 DFII85T-35 DFII85G-35 DFII85V-35 35´ x 8´6˝ 
DFII85W-40 DFII85D-40 DFII85T-40 DFII85G-40 DFII85V-40 40´ x 8´6˝ 
DFII95W-21 DFII95D-21 DFII95T-21 DFII95G-21 DFII95V-21 21´ x 9´6˝ 
DFII95W-25 DFII95D-25 DFII95T-25 DFII95G-25 DFII95V-25 25´ x 9´6˝ 
DFII95W-30 DFII95D-30 DFII95T-30 DFII95G-30 DFII95V-30 30´ x 9´6˝ 
DFII95W-35 DFII95D-35 DFII95T-35 DFII95G-35 DFII95V-35 35´ x 9´6˝ 
DFII95W-40 DFII95D-40 DFII95T-40 DFII95G-40 DFII95V-40 40´ x 9´6˝ 
DFII95W-45 DFII95D-45 DFII95T-45 DFII95G-45 DFII95V-45 45´ x 9´6˝ 
NOTE: All above Roofing Shipped in individual tubes suitable for reshipment