Seal-Tite™ Corner Seal Tape


Seal-Tite Corner Seal Tape is a heavy-duty material for sealing RV walls and ceilings. Applied before the molding, Corner Seal provides a durable, flexible virtually impermeable seal between the unfinished union of the walls and ceilings.
One 50ft roll of Corner Seal – Installation Instructions included.

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Seal-Tite™ Corner Seal is a game changing production tape. The sealing side consists of a thick, pressure-sensitive elastomeric seal that sticks and conforms to any smooth or irregular surface, including S-locks. Corner Seal provides an instant and permanent seal underneath the caulk-and-molding system to provide a double barrier of leak protection.

The fleece side provides more superior caulk-cure adhesion than the typical smooth surface of RV exteriors. Additionally, Corner Seal fleece allows for easy molding repositioning during installation. If the fabricator needs to realign caulked molding before fastening, the fleece allows them to easily pull off the molding and reapply. As an added benefit, durable Corner Seal assists in holding the joined panels together during molding installation, helping to keep all materials aligned and flush.

Corner Seal Provides Better Leak Protection than Caulk-and-Molding Alone

When unfinished ceilings and walls join, large gaps can form between the unsealed edges. This is especially true when joining corrugated metal RV siding and metal S-Lock. Oftentimes the caulk in a caulk-and-molding system will not properly cover these gaps, or the leg of the molding does not extend far enough down the RV surface.

Double Layered Engineering

The high-tack adhesive with flexible elastomers provides a strong, flexible bond. Fleece allows for easy molding repositioning during install, then provides a permanent intermeshing bond.

Corner Seal Tape

Tape Length 50′
Tape Width 1.25″, 1.50″ or 2″


Part Numbers

1.25″ 1.50″ 2″
CS114B-1 CS112B-1 CS200B-1


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1.25", 1.50", 2"

Click here to download Installation Instructions for Seal-Tite Corner Seal.

SDS for 1.25″ Corner Seal Tape
SDS for 1.50″ Corner Seal Tape
SDS for 2″ Corner Seal Tape