Wheel Parts Finder

Wheel parts finder


How do your Dicor wheel liners attach to your RV wheels? Examine your wheels and select the option below that best resembles your wheels.


Examine all the lug nut covers. Look for two covers stamped with a small circle (O) or line (-). These are the two Jam Nuts which hold your liner on. Note: Each wheel has only two Jam Nuts, the other lug nut covers are not removable.

If you have a circle symbol (O), gently pry the two covers off to uncover the Jam Nuts. If you have the line (-) symbol, leave the covers on but note their positions.

Use the Dicor Jam Nut Tool or an appropriately sized wrench to remove either the uncovered circle (O) Jam Nut, or the line (-) Jam Nut assembly.


Are both front and rear covers shaped like a "Frisbee"
and are identical to each other?