Coating-Ready Cover Tape

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Dicor Coating-Ready Cover Tape is a fabric backed sealing tape for use on RV roofing seams prior to coating with Dicor’s Elastomeric RV Roof Coating. Due to its aggressive grip, the cover tape seals on contact and cures completely in 24 hours.

Product Number:


Part Numbers Descriptions
RP-CRCT-4-1C 4″x50′
Application Temperature Range
35°F (2°C) – 110°F (43°C)


Additional information

Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 6.75 × 6.5 in

Surface Preparations:

Surface must be clean and free of moisture and contaminants.  Exposed areas must be coated with elastomeric coating.  Do not apply this product where temperatures will exceed 200°F (93°C). Do not stretch this product during application. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

  • Roof must be cleaned with cleaner/primer and free of moisture and contaminants prior to application of coating ready cover tape.
  • Any areas that are torn or cracked may now be repaired using the coating ready cover tape.
  • Peel off a few inches of the release liner and carefully position the coating ready cover tape before applying. Any attempt to reposition the tape after application will damage the material.
  • Do not Stretch.
  • Do not try to cover large areas by butting Coating-Ready Cover Tape end-to-end or side-to-side (butt joints).
  • Apply pressure starting at the center of the tape and working towards the outside edges, removing any bubbles as you go. When finished, the edges should have no tunnels, openings or fishmouths.
  • Must be followed by two coats of Dicor Roof Coating.  Only apply coating ready cover tape to areas that are to be coated the same day.

Click here for downloadable MSDS sheet for RP-CRCT-4-1C.